Hotel Card Lock Systems – VingCard

VingCard is the preferred choice among hoteliers as it is the world leading brand in hotel locking systems for both the hotel and cruise industry. It is being installed in more than 35,000 properties worldwide in more than 165 countries around the world. In Malaysia , over 100 properties are being secure by VingCard.

VingCard's success as the market leader in the world and in Malaysia is because of our total commitment to the hospitality industry.  Recently, VingCard as unveil its development, Classic RFID which incorporates contact-less technology that offers both convenience and security to both hoteliers and their customers.
- Stand-alone system - no wiring required
- Simple operation - reads as keycard is being removed or contact-less keycards
- Sealed electronics and modular design
- FutureProof Technology
- Unique emergency LifeSafety Cylinder
- Substantial steel reinforced construction with solid brass handles full 1" deadbolt and 3/4" anti-pick latch
- 'Panic release' automatic deadbolt retraction
- 3-hour UL fire rating
Classic RFID
Classic VingCard
Signature RFID & Mobile Signature VingCard

Elsafe by VingCard

Elsafe’s electronic in-room safe raises the security level in a hotel and increases guests’ peace of mind.


  • UL Listed in-room safe
  • Reliable electronics ready for future software upgrades
  • Specially designed latch teen engages both the door and frame preventing attempt to force the door open
  • Anti-tamper labyrinths to protect safes electronics from manipulation
  • One piece cold pressed door is over 70% stronger than sheet steel
  • Extended solid steel bolt hinges to prevent the door from being forced out of the door frame
  • Audit trail
Infinity II Digital Safe Infinity II RFID Safe Sentinel II Safe Xtra II Floor safe  

PolarBar by VingCard

Polarbar minibars by VingCard Elsafe have been quality engineered to comply with the latest global refrigeration standards for in-room minibars.


  • Stocking capacity up to 24 facings
  • 3 different door options available
  • Low energy consumption
  • Removable shelving for easy cleaning
  • Silent absorption technology

PB 30A & 40A

PB 30G & 40G

PB 30 & 40

* These are selected models only. Please contact us for details of the full range.