Our Services


From private consultations to customized solutions, we offer only the best in performance, technology and design to satisfy your security needs.

  • Product and system specification: Determines the right locks for specific purposes, at specific locations.

  • Master System Consultation: Have the perfect key management solution designed to suit your personal requirements.

  • Security Consultation: Takes a look at the bigger picture to link your hardware and security requirements together.

  • Installation: Our team of security experts will install your chosen hardware according to pre-set standards to ensure minimal wear-and-tear, as well as the best performance possible from your security products.

  • After-sales service: Enjoy prompt, efficient service within 24 hours of your call from our team of qualified engineers, technicians and carpenters.

  • Refresher Systems Management Training: Designed specially for hotels, this training program equips your new staff with security software management skills to ensure smooth transitions and transactions.

  • 24-hour service Back-up for Hotels: Our hotel clients have access to our 24-hour hotline for even faster response times.