Tip 1:
Most burglars enter through the front, back, or garage doors. As a deterrent, use only high-quality locks on all your exterior doors that can resist twisting, lock-picking and prying attempts.

Tip 2:
Open windows can be an invitation for burglars to enter your premises. Open ground floor windows are especially attractive to burglars for obvious reasons, while upper floor windows with wide ledges, or placed near stairways, trees, or balconies can also be attractive targets. Always keep your windows shut while you are out, or keep your windows more secure by installing grills.

Tip 3:
Having a safe in your home can keep burglars, dishonest maids and other unwelcome visitors from gaining access to valuable items and documents. However, make sure you anchor it to the floor, wall or a shelf, and keep it concealed.

Tip 4:
A darkened home for an extended period of time can indicate a vacant home, or owners who are away frequently. Try installing a light timer near the front and back windows to set lights to go on and off at different times of the day to signal occupancy. Another great benefit of light timers: You donít have to enter a dark home when you return late at night.

Tip 5:
Be good to your neighbours. Close neighbours can help to watch out for your home or apartment, and report suspicious activity to the police or you while you are away. They can also collect your mail, fliers, newspapers, or even occasionally park their car in your driveway to give the illusion that your home is being occupied while you are on a holiday.

Tip 6:
Security lights with infra-red motion sensors are fairly affordable measures that can catch intruders off-guard and discourage them from entering your home.

Tip 7:
Installing an alarm system can be an effective way to put off burglars because they heighten the potential and fear of being caught by the police. As such, burglars will usually avoid homes that clearly have signs of an alarm system installed.

Tip 8:
Lighting the exterior of you home allows you to see a potential threat in advance, giving you a chance to avoid it or get help. Make sure your exterior lights are bright enough to give you a visibility of at least 100 feet. Good lighting is also an effective deterrent to burglar because they donít want to be seen or identified.

Tip 9:
Keep a list of your valuable items and their receipts in a safe or safe deposit box as proof when filing insurance claims in the event that your home does get ransacked. Even better, take pictures of these items and photocopy important documents for safekeeping.

Tip 10:
Planting thorny foliage such as rosebushes under your windows can make the thought of breaking in an unappealing prospect. A bonus for you: A more beautiful home.