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Security Marketing Sdn. Bhd. has its origins in a predecessor company established in 1969 to market the brand ABLOY in Malaysia.

As our customers’ security needs developed with time, the company introduced more brands such as Cisa, VingCard, TECNAX, DETEX, HEWI, Sargent & Greenleaf, etc. Each of these brands are chosen for their unique security product or security solution.

Thus, through years of experience we have specialize our service to include supplying, installing and servicing high security mechanical, electronic access control systems and architectural door hardware for your properties.

Please call us for a presentation of our product solutions for your security needs.

Our Vision

To make you a happy customer enjoying peace of mind, convenience and exceptional customer service using our high security and cost effective solutions.

Our Mission

To be a total solution provider for all your security locking systems and architectural hardware needs. Our motto is putting the right product at the right place.

Our principles are ABLOY from Finland, VingCard and Trioving from Norway, Hewi from Germany, TECNAX from Switzerland, DETEX and Sargent and Greenleaf from USA and ASEMA.

They represent a wide range of locking system, designs and finishes.

Peace of mind is when you have a good night's sleep knowing that your premises are well secured by a reliable security system.

Convenience is when you enjoy the one key luxury, using only your master key to open your premises and employing modern technology to manage them. Exceptional customer service is when you are served more than your expectations.